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Anonymous: Hey have you had laser hair removal or do you have to shave your face still (if you did)? If you've had it how bad is the pain, I'm going in for it soon... Being trans is so shit ;-;

Starting out, I had thick hair on my face and neck. I’ve had five sessions of laser since March and it’s halved my facial hair, and thinned out the rest of it. I still need to shave everyday but it’s a lot easier and faster. Six sessions is supposed to give you 85% hair loss but I doubt that’ll happen for me, I’ll probably need to have a couple more, and unfortunately I may need electrolysis afterwords to get the remainder.

Honestly, laser hurts me so bad, I have a low pain tolerance so that could be the reason, but it’s so painful to me. It feels like shards of glass being shot into my face for five minutes straight and I hate it, I cry every time. I’ve went in drunk and high and even that didn’t help. But don’t let that scare you cuz the majority of the girls I know say that it’s not too bad and compare it to rubber bands snapping you, and I think that most people are fine with the pain. I think that I have really sensitive skin, because after my most recent session, my jaw/neck swelled up for three days and I looked like a chipmunk, so I think I’m just cursed with sensitive skin and thick hair. I’m sure your experience will be way easier than mine. Just take a painkiller thirty minutes before your appointment and you should be okay. You feel so relieved after it’s finished and you’re one step closer to being happy.

I want to consume about 1000-1200 calories a day… and my weakness is desserts, sweets, cakes, shakes, etc and with them included I probably eat/drink about 2500-3000 calories a day. I’m not gaining weight thankfully but I want to lose 20 pounds and I already exercise for an hour or so per day (cardio and core training). I take appetite suppressors which do help, but I still need to eat less to see any sort of weight loss. Tips on how to stay motivated to get thinner and resist cravings to not eat when it’s unnecessary ?